IMT  has designed, implemented, and coordinated First Responder crisis and line of duty critical Incident programs for Federal Agencies, the United States Army, Police, Corrections, Fire Departments and  Offices of Emergency Management.


IMT, in partnership with the Wayne State University Dept. of Psychiatry, The Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM), the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), and the Michigan Professional Firefighters Union, is helping implement the Frontline Strong Project whose goals are to assist 22,000 first responders and departments, get assistance with stress, wellness, PTSD issues. IMT is also conducting training and implementing Critical Incident Stress Management Programs (CISM) Statewide.  



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First Responder Training

IMT has trained First Responder Peer Teams and Departments, courses regarding Understanding the Impact of  Line of Duty Critical Incidents; Suicide Prevention; Resilience; Managing  Work-Life Stresses; Emotional First Aid and Critical Incident Stress Manaement (CSIM).

We have implemented programs for Federal Agencies, the United States Army, Police, Corrections, Fire Departments and Offices of Emergency Management after disasters and line of duty critical Incidents.

"In Their
Own Words"

A video series

This series of first responder vignettes portray the array of traumatic and work life stresses that affect firefighters, law enforcement professionals, dispatchers and family members. It reveals the impact that such stresses may have on themselves, their family members and their departments. 


This series creates an intimate awareness of how large and small events affect first responders.  In overcoming these events, we see their dedication, their coping strategies, and their resilience as they grow and thrive through adversity.


Each vignette shows a different dimension of the impact of trauma as they discuss events that would be distressing to almost everyone.